Importance of Company Culture

Importance of Company Culture

It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed.
— Napolean Hill

What is company culture?

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Before we can talk about how important it is, we should delineate what company culture actually is.

The phrase gets thrown a lot, but a ton of people. aren’t actually sure what it means.

There’s no shame in a sneaky double-check.

According to Alison Doyle of The Balance Careers, ‘Company culture refers to the attitudes and behaviours of a company and its employees. It is evident in the way an organization's people interact with each other, the values they hold, and the decisions they make.’

A company culture orients around a strong set of values and belief in the purpose of the company.

If you, as an employee, feel a part of something larger than yourself, you’ll be more inclined to do your best work for it!

Teamwork makes the dreamwork.

Let’s take a look at some key aspects of healthy company culture and understand why they’re important and beneficial to the performance of the company.

  1. Provision of Opportunities to Learn

    • Giving your employees the chance to improve their skill sets and enhance themselves professionally is a great aspect of great company culture.

    • Workshops, online courses (ahem), team-building exercises etc.

    • Training up internal staff instead of outside hiring.

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🤔So, why is this an important part of a culture?🤔

  • It shows that you value your employees enough to invest in their development

2. Consistency

  • Don’t be the people who stuck their values up on the door and left it at that. 🚪

  • Practice what you preach.

  • If the values of your company are important to you, you have to keep working on them. Or the culture will only feel surface deep.

🤔So, why is this an important part of a culture?🤔

  • Members of your company need to know where they stand.

  • Stability goes hand in hand with loyalty - no one wants the rug to go out from under them with a company that flip-flops on their values.

  • If you promise and don’t deliver, the culture will not be one based on trust.

3. Diversity and Inclusivity

🤔So, why is this an important part of a culture?🤔

  • Not only are these vital aspects of a healthy corporate environment, but they’ll also significantly improve your company culture.

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4. Communication and Openness

  • A transparent environment will allow your employees to feel able to express themselves more freely.

  • Everyone should know that they are in a safe space to share their thoughts and opinions.

  • No-one should feel on the outskirts or out of the loop.

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🤔So, why is this an important part of a culture?🤔

  • When people feel able to speak up, they can share ideas that are of benefit to the company.

  • If people can voice their dissatisfactions (at appropriate times, no one wants a Debbie Downer in the office) issues can be resolved before they grow.

  • Moreover, transparency and communication further bring trust into the company culture.

Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first.
— Simon Sinek

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