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Practical, research-backed advice for improving your sleep

Sleep is really really important in life, so much so that we decided to make this ultra short course free. This way you get to quickly test out 42courses + learn something helpful at the same time.

We spend about 36% of our lives sleeping and yet hardly any of us understand why we do it or even how to do it properly!

Do you think you slept enough this past week? Can you remember the last time you woke up without an alarm clock feeling refreshed?

If the answer to either of these questions is “no” then don’t panic you’re not alone.

We’ve got together with Simba Sleep and two of the world’s leading sleep specialists to create this extra short master class that will help you get a much better night’s sleep and ultimately help you to wake up winning.

If you get bad sleep your health, weight, mood, memory and even sex drive get increasingly bad, basically it’s a very handy thing to understand.

Sleep really is a miracle drug, it’s the foundation of everything we do in life.

So if you do one thing this year, sign up and learn how to get a better night sleep right now.

p.s. You may even get a nice gift from Simba at the end (for UK people)

Key Skills You’ll Master

  • The Science of Sleep
  • Napping
  • Sleep and travel / Jetlag
  • Best sleeping positions
  • Sleep and your health
  • What to do when you can’t sleep






Remi C.


42courses is one of the best e-learning platforms. Enjoy the ride.

Ian H.

United Kingdom

42courses helped me land a plum job as a copywriter! So I love you all for life!

Tom K.

United States

Engaging, informative, varied, and very well researched.

Diana M.

South Africa

Glad I took the leap! Not only educational but also entertaining, which is still very rare these days.

Sarah B.

United Kingdom

The gamification format makes the courses addictive and so much easier.



Understand the history of sleep and the science behind why we do it. How much sleep do we really need? How does age affect our sleeping habits?


Understand all about sleep in the context of today’s fast-paced world. How to beat jet-lag and the power of napping.


This chapter looks at ways to improve your sleep. What are the practical tips and techniques you can employ to help you get a better night’s rest?

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Simba’s not your usual mattress company. We’re experts in the science of sleep, constantly dreaming up new ways to make bedtime better. Our mission is to bring the importance of sleep back into focus, and help everyone wake up winning.


Hope Bastine

With a background in anatomy, physiology, neuroscience and psychology, leading therapist Hope Bastine is Simba’s resident psychologist and mindfulness expert. Hope has a wealth of experience and is an expert sleep consultant in a number of articles, conferences, & events.

Twitter: @fpwellbeing

Dr. Jim Brown

Dr. Brown is a consultant physician with over 20 year experience and specialises in respiratory and sleep medicine. He has a particular interest in the impact of sleep on elite performance.

Website: Centre for Health and Human Performance

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What people are saying

Magnus H.


Really clear and fun to take! Made me realise just how important sleep is and how little we prioritise it. Love the questions that ask you for your opinion. Some very funny as well as helpful answers from others on the course!

Hemal T.

United Kingdom

Very informative and simply structured.

Maren U.

United Kingdom

Sleep is something I’ve been struggling with so I was interested in this course. It’s got a great mixture of the science and psychology behind sleep and it makes you think but not too hard! Some great tips and suggestions sprinkled through out that I found useful.

Ruth W.

United Kingdom

Easy and makes you think about your own habits!

Aiden C.

United Kingdom

Short but oh so sweet. Really enjoyed this course. It was both fun and practical and totally changed my mind about sleep. I had no idea just how important it was for our health and happiness.

Rupesh B.


Content was easy to read and understand

Kate H.

South Africa

I can't believe we're never taught about sleep at school, this is a really helpful overview on the world of sleep, so many practical tips and loved the little sleep booklet I was sent when I finished. So nice to find an easy fun way to learn!

Hannah T.

South Africa

I really enjoyed this course but it was so short! Just as I was getting into it, it was over :) Will probably be blogging about this soon, thank you!

Jennifer E.

United States


John H.

South Africa

I can sleep so much better now, thank you!

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