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A fundamental guide to marketing strategy

Welcome to Marketing Strategy, a collaboration between WARC and Cannes Lions.

This course will examine the insights and methods behind successful marketing strategies and equip you with the necessary practical skills as well as templates to help you plan, execute and measure your own campaigns.

You will learn the fundamental practical methods covering everything from the research phase, to objectives, KPIs, customer journeys, to briefing and evaluation.

The best news is you’ll be learning from some of the industries best strategic leaders as well as getting exclusive inspiration from Cannes Lions award winning case studies and research papers from the WARC archive.

Best of all this course is designed to be enjoyable and jargon free, so everything is in plain English,no prior experience required, upon passing you’ll get a WARC / Cannes Lions certification in Marketing Strategy.

How does it work?

Who is this for?

  • Anyone wanting to get into a marketing strategy role
  • Marketers and creatives who want a better understanding of the world of strategy
  • CEO’s or Founders, or owners of companies looking to understand strategy to help grow their business


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Understand what marketing strategy is, how it works, why it's important and what you'll be getting up to in this course.


Here we show you how to do the research so you can find the right answers and insights for your brand.


Here we'll show you how to work out and set the right KPIs and objectives for your marketing.


A simple guide so you can create and use customer journey maps to better plan your path to success.


Learn how to make great briefs and work with different teams smoothly to give your strategy the best chance of victory.


What does success look like? How to define it? What are the different ways to measure it?


A look at the skills you need to develop in the long-term so you can become a strategic genius.





Magnus H.


So glad I signed up! The variety of techniques to test your understanding is great and the team behind the scenes even better.

Ian H.

United Kingdom

42courses helped me land a plum job as a copywriter! So I love you all for life!

Nicola R.

South Africa

Fantastically interesting, diverse and ultimately engaging, perfect for the curious.

Andra N.

United States

Impeccable learning experience. The material is carefully curated and extremely engaging.

Diana M.

South Africa

Glad I took the leap! Not only educational but also entertaining, which is still very rare these days.

Meet your

Thought leaders

David Tiltman

David Tiltman is Head of Content at WARC. He has been writing about media and marketing for more than a decade, including six years at Haymarket Media Group. There he was features editor on Marketing magazine, based in London, before moving to the Hong Kong Office to become Managing Editor of Campaign Asia.

Website: warc.com

Amanda Fève

Amanda Fève is a partner and Chief Strategy Officer at Anomaly Amsterdam, where she partners with clients to define how brands communicate and behave to unlock growth in an increasingly complicated and cluttered world. Since joining Anomaly in 2012, Amanda has led the strategic thinking on clients including Converse, Johnnie Walker, T-Mobile and IKEA.

Website: anomaly.com

Mick McCabe

Mick is the Chief Strategy Officer for Publicis Worldwide, working with the North American and Global teams. He previously held the North American CSO role at Leo Burnett, in addition to CSO roles at Deutsch and KBSP.

Website: www.publicis.com

Amy Winger

Amy is global Chief Strategy Officer at VMLY&R. She is a passionate advocate for effectiveness and firm believer in the importance of rallying the entire advertising ecosystem around the cause.

Website: vmlyr.com

Gurdeep Puri

Gurdeep is a founding partner at The Effectivness Partnership and previously headed up Effectivness at Leo Burnett. Gurdeep has helped clients win over 60 creative effectiness awards globally and is also a qualified Econometrician….bascially he’s pretty smart when it comes to planning and effectiveness :)

Website: theeffectivenesspartnership.com

Michael Chadwick

Michael is the Chief Strategy Officer for Dentsu in Asia Pacific, building a 21st century planning capability designed to grow brands in the modern economy. He is responsible for the strategic capability of more than 30 offices in 17 markets around the region.

Website: dentsuaegisnetwork.com

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What people are saying

Aaron B.

United States

Marketing Strategy pulled the Chief Strategy Officers of the leading Agencies globally and developed a BRILLIANT curriculum for beginners and advanced strategist to learn from.

Jan M.

Czech Republic

Great Marketing strategy 101 course - everything you need to know to start your carrier as a strategist. This was an amazing course. One of the best courses on your website. It is full of interesting case studies and it is also well structured.

Ellyne P.


I love how easy it was to understand!

Stephen B.

United Kingdom

On the whole, the course is good, I spotted a few typos and ambiguities which I communicated to the team and now seem to be fixed. As a learning platform, you are closer to perfect than you think. My daughter's Nec GCSE courses are a nightmare in comparison.

Dave D.

South Africa

Really enjoyed this course. Not quite what I expected but in a good way. Good mix of case studies, videos and helpful other stuff.

Monil N.


Enjoyed the course. Liked the case studies, would be nice if you did live classes.

Nick C.


Helpful course if you want to learn more about the subject. It's not intimidating too which is great for those worried it might be. Some great marketing examples in there to learn from.

Magnus H.


A helpful guide for those new to the world of strategy, the case studies alone are invaluable and the extra resources and templates were helpful too.

Giovanna R.


very useful and inspiring

David S.


Good overview and often good further reading material

Aiden C.


I originally signed up for this course as a refresher, however, the quality and content delivered profoundly more than I had anticipated. it's challenged my thinking and given me a more effective framework to make better strategic decisions, I'm hooked.

Julie B.


Thank you 🙏🏻 great insights and a great refresher course

Sergio C.


Interesting content. Could be even better with more practical exercises and peers reviews.

Chris B.


I found it too be too light on actionable details. While I understand that nature of MKT strategy is that it's designed to be high level thinking and that the course left me wanting more examples to work through or challenging practice cases where the answer isn't so clear (everyone is familiar with Nike, but doing the same exercise for a less well known company would have helped clarify the thinking process you need).

Johanna A.

United Kingdom

Great course. Loads of interesting case studies and helpful links. Have enjoyed some of the other courses and this one was similarly good.

Lilit V.


Case Studies are great in this course.

Louise W.


Extensive, practical and helpful in any line of business. Assists in focused and directed thinking

Khant H.


This course is a great one for every strategist out there- with a lot of insightful case studies from international brands.

Iyanuoluwa A.


Incredibly grateful to the exposure I had from taking this course. Enlightened on the process and approach to deploy an effective marketing strategy

Matt P.

United Kingdom

Really enjoyed this course. Should be treated as fundamental learning for all marketeers. Again the case studies were incredible.

Antonella Z.


a mix of basic and more advanced concepts, not well coordinated

Adam D.


An eye opeining experience. Highly recommended.

Tunde O.


Marketing strategy simpliflified

Marti D.


Excellent refresh to strategy.

Raphael T.


Really remarkable, I learn a huge amount of things in a truly short time !

Asli M.

United Arab Emirates

It was an amazing refreshing for me! Great case studies and entertaining examples.

Cynthia V.


Clear, fresh, funny and direct learnings from the best. Independently of your role, this course provides you keyy take aways and best in class case studies to improve and continue improving in your marketing strategies.

Blake B.

United States

Not a bad course, but also not the best course 42 has to offer.

Faisal A.

Saudi Arabia

this course really helped me to be more strategic

Alejandro L.


It was a great course of marketing

Kristina K.

South Africa

An ideal course to brush up your 'strategy' potential. Besides plentiful of the best-case studies, the course aims to broaden your horizons in an interesting and engaging manner.

Dario C.


A very good introduction to Marketing Strategy, with great tips and case studies

Shreekant P.


Fabulous Course

Daniel M.


It´s an excellent resource of knowledge for anyone who wants to work as a planner / strategist. The cases and the articles provided by WARC are a wonderful complement to the ideas presented in the class. And the best is that you´re learning from the leaders of our industry, which is something you won´t experience anywhere else.

Nikhil G.


It is a great course. Very interactive and engaging. I have truly learned things by taking this course. However, just like a warrior is insignificant without a platform to showcase his skills, similarly what good is a course if it doesn't directly give way to better opportunities. It would have been great if the course came with if not a promise then at least a window to related job opportunities.

Neil C.


Value packed. Definitely worth it, goes through everything you need for strategic thinking and creative marketing planning.

Jan-Nico C.

South Africa

It's an area which is immensely important, but of which I did not know a lot. I'm feeling more empowered now that I understand the process.

Noel G.


A comprehensive syllabus! Great resource!

Brian D.


The course is so concise but engaging throughout. The gamification element to the questions makes it more engaging. Lots of great case studies and real life examples

Ben R.

United Kingdom

A succinct, highly engaging and interesting course that gets you thinking without having to be too time consuming

Mary O.


The case studies really helped in practicalizing the course.

Brian A.


Really insightful to hear from industry leaders

Natasha M.

Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic Of

А wonderful educative journey through the field of marketing strategy with interesting and important elements and points in order to more in-depth analysis of the marketing strategy as well as a clear view of the big picture when making a marketing strategy for a certain brand.

Yasser O.

United Arab Emirates

Being in marketing but from the production side of the business, I learned a lot. The information was detailed but not overwhelming. Interesting and fun. What was quite interesting is that I started to pay attention to the strategy section in the brief that I got, look at them objectively and make a more qualified opinion of the strength and weaknesses of the strategy and practice and develop my own strategy skills.

Grit W.


Great insights and lots of additional good reads.

Thiruveedhula S.


One of the best courses I have ever taken up so far. With lots of insights and expert driven curriculum. It is must for all marketing strategist. Awesome!!

Nick B.

South Africa

With all the 'quick' content that is flying around these days, a well thought out and resource-heavy course, such as this, is an extremely rare thing. It is definitely a course I'll be referring back to for a long time coming.

Soe S.


Great course, excellent case examples and readings.

Leo F.


Great content.

Andreas P.


A great course with great examples ! Some questions are tricky and other interesting. I higlhy recommend it !

Siluvai A.


It’s an interesting and knowledge gaining course. This will give a startup for Marketing Strategists to move towards a discipline

Heidi S.

United Kingdom

I don’t work in advertising or marketing but I am building an online business for which marketing strategy skills are critical to my success. I liked very much the module on measuring success, particularly the case studies.

Paul H.


You`ll learn more than you think is normal for an online course. Loved the case studies

Mathew C.


It's a good course as it's exactly what it says on the tin.

Toyin A.


A great and an eye opener of a course!

Olanike L.


Helps me to realize the future of strategy lies in data

Milo P.

United Kingdom

Very concise, comprehensible and digestible.

Karla B.

Puerto Rico

A good course for creatives, not for strategists.

Omokolapo O.


Marketing Strategy from CANNES is simply amazing.

Vaquas A.

United Arab Emirates

This is a masterclass and a great learning experience on how to strategise

Irina M.

United Kingdom

The platform is really great, from the way the content is filtered and structured to design and presentation aspects. High quality learning experience!

Anchalee H.


It's hard some chapter but that's ok.

Chad P.

United States

Learned a ton , gets your mind in the right place.

Emily W.


It's a strategy holy grail course. No regret. Guaranteed.

Emily B.

United States

So many great insights and tools

Jade H.


My first course on here and not disappointed, great insights, easy to use platform and really interesting case studies and additional resources. Highly recommend!

Sam R.

United Kingdom

Really great course with lots of brilliant examples and things to think about. Most importantly, the course is current and uses real examples which makes for a rich and relevant learning experience.

Janet C.


Your brand can only be as good as your strategy so great course to help set the direction for your brand

E E.

United Arab Emirates

Great course to take

Damilola W.


It was a great learning experience. The classes were succinct and engaging. The style of delivery is also deliberate, making it easy to follow through till the end. Learnt a lot

Peter D.

United Kingdom

Excellent course covering the key elements of marketing strategy. Taught in the usual 42 courses style - interactive, fun and informative.

Angelica F.

United Arab Emirates

The course is heavily focused on teaching rather than pressuring you on complicated assessments. Plus the case studies presented can give you a lot of inspiration.

Kirsten M.


The course is quite useful but please read the quiz questions carefully. Sometimes they are tricky.

Stuart M.

United Kingdom

Superb. In-depth, easy to understand, and delivered by people who have been there, done it, bought the T-shirt, and then redesigned it. This is a must for anyone working in or on the fringes of marketing.

Judy K.

United Arab Emirates

very informative with great supportive case studies

Haris T.


Its the best course I ever have participated regarding marketing strategy

Phil L.

United Kingdom

Very concise and informative overview on what it takes to be a marketing strategist. The case studies and further reading are fascinating, and gave a great insight into how great brands operate.

Remilekun D.


The entire module was KISS ( Keep It Simple). Very insightful. I will definitely treat brands from a different perspective.

Elizabeth G.

United States

The course is incredibly informative and up-to-date with what we're currently seeing in 2020. It does a great job of identifying long-term strategy/brand building, breaking down the roles and responsibilities of a comms/media planner, and so much more. I strongly encourage anyone looking to become a strategist or just build up that knowledge to take this course.

Oyeronke G.


Quite an interesting experience...The way topics were explained were rather simple and to the point.

Isabella I.


Great introductory course for someone just starting, but also a good foundational refresher.

Mona H.


Loved it, very clear and enjoyable course. Each level explains clearly the topic and shows some helpful materials and cases to better understand.

Sherif A.


This is Marketing Strategy made simple. It is so easy to learn that it will make you feel like a professional in no time. The examples are actually very relevant.

Sean B.

South Africa

Great course, which was short and punchy and really fun to work through. I really enjoyed the case studies which were extremely relevant and provided a huge amount of value.

Simon A.

United Kingdom

Great course, succinct, clear and totally actionable!

Sherman S.


This course was great, it covers a lot of essential things. I recommend this course is you want to brush on your skills or just starting out.

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