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Disruptive Innovation

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How to come up with the Next Big Thing using extreme research techniques

Innovation has never been more in demand. Once, only fashion and technology companies had to reimagine themselves every year. Now everything, from yoghurt to airlines, are facing relentless pressure to delight us with new, better and smarter products and services - before somebody else does.

This course will explain what disruptive innovation is, how it changes the market, and show you proven practical ways to help create disruptive innovation yourself.

You will be guided through a simple step by step process that will fundamentally change the way you think about products, services, why people buy them, how they’re used, and how to innovate.

If you’re ready for a whole new way of thinking and doing, jump in.

Key Skills Learned

  • Understand how to spot competitive advantages
  • Learn how to effectively replace focus groups
  • Learn how to effectively prioritise innovation ideas
  • Understand how to execute innovation experiments

Who is this for?

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Innovators
  • Senior Marketing teams
  • Business decision makers

How does it work?

  • You’ll learn through a mixture of helpful short videos, text and illustrations
  • Each lesson lasts approx 10-15mins, you can take as long or short as you like
  • Questions give you immediate feedback and are designed to test you understand the key concepts
  • We include carefully chosen links for further reading throughout the course
  • Everything is in plain English and easy to understand


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Ian H.

United Kingdom

42courses helped me land a plum job as a copywriter! So I love you all for life!

Charlotte B.

United Kingdom

Really easy to digest and the right balance of video and article content.

Bradley C.


I was unsure of this at first, however, learning on your time, in a fun way, works for me!

Magda B.

United Kingdom

I didn't know what to expect, but delighted I joined. Excellent stuff. It made my morning commute much more bearable.

Nicola R.

South Africa

Fantastically interesting, diverse and ultimately engaging, perfect for the curious.



What can a dominatrix and an SAS soldier teach us about innovation? Learn how and why true inspiration happens when worlds collide.


Have you ever wondered why so few great ideas ever see the light of day? This is why, and how to give your ideas the best chance of success.


Extreme consumers and people on the fringes of society can give you the best and most useful insights. Here's how to find them and how they can inspire you.


Focus groups have hated some of your favourite products. Here’s what should replace them.


You’ve put all this work into some crazy new ideas. Here’s how to figure out which ones will work in the real world.


Learn what routes to take on the road to disruptive innovation. Here's what you need to do to get your ideas past investors, shareholders and out to the real world.

Meet your

Thought leaders

Brian Millar

Brian Millar’s voracious curiosity has turned him into one of the world’s leading innovators. He’s worked with top product designers to help brands like Samsung and Unilever find inspiration at the fringes of human experience. His work has lead to breakthrough innovations like the Nike Studio Wrap and the Duck Fresh Brush.

Brian is also one of the funniest, and most insightful writers on the internet. You can read about many of his findings on Forbes, Fast Company and Wired.

In this course, Brian will teach you how to look at the world the way he does, and how to find those nuggets of inspiration that spark real, impactful innovation.

Twitter: @arthurascii

Emotional Intelligence Agency

The internet is an intense emotional experience. Except for the advertising, which gets ignored at best, and blocked at worst.

It’s time to stop interrupting the good stuff on the internet. It’s time to be the good stuff on the internet.

The collective experience of the people who run EIA spans TV production houses, ad agency creative departments, a research consultancy and a digital media company. They’re far more than ordinary consultants, enabling them to bring a broader perspective to problems.


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What people are saying

Gustavo N.


My sincere congratulations on the content, platform, UX, Great online learning experience, full of value. 5/5.

Aiden C.

United Kingdom

This is a fantastic and interesting take on innovation. I’d not given much thought to the idea of ‘extreme users’ before. I especially loved the story about the dominatrix and the SAS soldiers! Highly recommended.

Chris R.

United Kingdom

Having held a job helping to look after innovation for Ogilvy / WPP I was unsure how handy this would be, I'm so glad I took it. Brian's stories are fascinating, easy to understand and gave me a different perspective to looking at new solutions. The step by step processes were also pretty easy to follow and when I tried it with teams everyone picked it up quickly. Thank you Brian for opening my eyes to a helpful new way of thinking.

Nick S.

South Africa

There is so much of talk about disruptive innovation these days, but this course offers something completely different AND completely useful. I'm actually excited to go out and start doing research - how often can you say that?

Andy N.

United Kingdom

Great course! Loved the case study about the toilet brush designed with input from people with OCD. I spent some time lost in Google afterwards researching similar case studies. I'll certainly use some of the practical tips and exercises about how to do research for my next design project.

Elmari S.

South Africa

I thoroughly enjoyed the Disruptive Innovation course, it was far more “real” than many courses I’ve taken before. Mainly due to the ease of the presenter and the multitude of recent, real-life examples. In fact, I bought a pebble watch way back when, and was wondering where they had disappeared to.... The linked articles, videos, etc really bring the concepts to life and racking one’s brain for examples from your own environment or life to answer the questions, solidifies the thought pathway. I will definitely be back for more courses!

Danté P.

United Kingdom

Loved learning with Brian, his way of explaining things made me look at the world from a very different perspective and some of the things I learned have already helped me at work and given me new ideas.

Magda B.

United Kingdom

In my old job I worked in the 'innovation department'. I really enjoyed it and so was intrigued by the title of this course. There are some funny anecdotes and the course presenter has a great way of describing things in a fun and easy to process manner. Highly recommended!

Graham K.


This course blew my mind. Seriously, I'm not sure how I'm going to function after this. Everyone should take this course - even if you're not involved in innovation or product development, it's just so interesting.

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Disruptive Innovation