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A fundamental guide to the world of digital marketing

Digital marketing is a skill that’s in high-demand.

As more and more industries go digital, the ability to effectively market themselves to an online audience is becoming paramount.

This course takes a fundamental look at the online marketing landscape and shares both the theory and best practice behind effective campaigns.

You’ll also get access to over 90 global best practice Cannes Lions case studies for inspiration as well as insights from some incredible global through leaders from companies such as Google and Ogilvy.

It covers everything from social to email marketing, display to UX/UI design, and from search to marketing with data. And many more. A full guide is shown further down this page.

Your journey to becoming a digital marketing superstar starts here.

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  • Anyone wanting to get into a Digital Marketing role
  • Marketers and creatives who want a better understanding of Digital Marketing
  • CEO’s or Founders looking to understand the topic to help them grow their business


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Lifetime access for a
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An overview of what digital marketing means, how we got to where we are and the key skills involved.


Learn all about the world of online advertising, how it all started, and where we are now inc programmatic and retargeting.


An overview of the world of search marketing. Ranking factors, keywords and getting results.


Is data really the 'new oil'? If so, how can you best make use of it?


How can you best use social media for your marketing? What's the difference between organic and paid?


A jolly good overview of email marketing with some key tips and tricks to master.


Discover the world of UX, UI, CX and all the other related acronyms that make up this fascinating area of Digital Marketing.





Magnus H.


So glad I signed up! The variety of techniques to test your understanding is great and the team behind the scenes even better.

Ian H.

United Kingdom

42courses helped me land a plum job as a copywriter! So I love you all for life!

Nicola R.

South Africa

Fantastically interesting, diverse and ultimately engaging, perfect for the curious.

Andra N.

United States

Impeccable learning experience. The material is carefully curated and extremely engaging.

Diana M.

South Africa

Glad I took the leap! Not only educational but also entertaining, which is still very rare these days.

Meet your

Thought leaders

Hanan Belarbi

Hanan is the Head of Data, EMEA at R/GA in the UK. Working at the crossroad between data, technology and business, Hanan has spent over 10 years helping clients accelerate their journey to be data-informed. She sat on the jury at the 2019 Cannes Lions Creative Data Awards and is an I-Com UK Advisory Board and AI board member.

Patrick Collister

Currently honoured to be the non-exec creative director at start-up Ad-Lib and previously the creative director of Google ZOO (NACE). Patrick was ECD and Vice-Chairman of Ogilvy & Mather in 1998. In 2001, he became the executive creative director for EHS Brann Europe. Later in 2007, he became the Editor of Directory magazine, which he also publishes.

James Rosenthal

James is Google’s director of global agency. His role involves liaising with advertising agencies to ensure they are making the best use of the wide range of technologies Google has developed.

Thomas Crampton

Thomas has worked in the social media landscape since its very beginning. He started Ogilvy’s original Social Media team and more recently was the digital chairman of Edelman. Thomas has spent half his career in Asia and half in Europe and the USA, giving him a unique perspective.

Mykim Chikli

Mykim is the CEO of Performics UK, the Publicis Media agency that specialises in performance marketing. Previously, she was COO of Publicis Media, Greater China. Before that, she was the CEO for ZenithOptimedia Group, China for two years and prior to that held the senior roles of Chief Operating Officer and Chief Innovation Officer at the company.

Karen Boswell

Karen has over 15 years of experience in the advertising industry, leading world-class brands and organisations forwards from both a strategic and implementation perspective. Karen was the winner of the IPA’s 2016 Women of Tomorrow awards in Tech & Innovation, named as one Google’s ‘Top 10 Female Creatives to Watch for 2017 and 2018, the Drum’s Most Influential Top 100 Digerati for 2017, 2018, one of the Drum’s Top 25 from 25 Women shaping digital 2019, Cannes 2017 and 2018 Juror.

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What people are saying

Thomas C.

United Kingdom

This Digital marketing course is really fucking good. I genuinely thought I knew enough to get by as have taken many intro to DM courses. This is mega. By far the best digital marketing course I’ve ever taken.

Magnus H.


The Digital Marketing course was a fantastic learning experience. From UX and data, to email marketing and social media, the course really helped me understand the fundamental principles of digital marketing. Thank you to the 42courses team for this fun and super useful learning experience.

Aiden C.


This is one of the most insightful courses I have taken so far. I learnt so much thanks to the case studies throughout the course that really dives deep into best practices in Digital Marketing. The on-the-go learning capability really allowed me to complete the course as and when I pleased. Loved the course and looking forward to more courses like these!

Andy V.

United States

I really enjoyed the Digital Marketing course in association with Cannes Lions. The thought-leader videos and case studies were truly insightful and I thoroughly enjoyed learning from the best in the business. Highly recommend this course to anyone looking to get a good and fun overview of the field of Digital Marketing.

Louise W.


Practical, excellent links to outside sources and further learning experiences. Good videos from key knowledge people in the area.

Chris M.

United Kingdom

Really well structure and in depth course

Emily B.

United States

This is a really great course - the templates and supporting documents are excellent and I'll be using those all the time.

Viktor S.


I liked the course very much. The information is well organized. There are a lot of practical cases and additional materials. Useful practical exercises that develop thinking. Thank you very much!

anvita n.


The structure of the course is so apt. The case studies make it so much better and the additional links provided are very useful. Not only it teaches you digital marketing concepts very well, it creates "nudging" for ideas that every creative professional would relate to. I especially like the fact that this course is not one of those, "you'll get a certificate no matter what since you've paid a fees". There are assignments and questions and thus the certification feels authentic and "earned" on a personal level as well. immensely enjoyed the course. No matter how much we already know or understand, there is always so much more to learn.

Jose M.


If you, like me, studied marketing before the digital era, this will be an interesting voyage, like returning to your birthplace after decades of being away, the place is familiar but it has changed so much that you could get lost. This course is like a map.

Nelson G.


The course was crazy, it made my head explode (In a good way) Each module was spectacular and when said module finished, then I put it into practice, one of the modules that I liked the most was where we watched the Retargueting, I they opened their minds completely with that module. A very complete Course and I am already getting the most out of it, thanks to you for making the best available on this platform. :)

Matt P.

United Kingdom

Absolutely loved this course. The case studies are brilliant. Its totally changed my view and opinions of performance marketing and I shall be significantly increasing my investment in digital marketing for the brand I work for, moving forward.

Aliza R.

United Kingdom

Highly detailed and professionally useful. I'm using it as a reference right now which is why this box popped up.

Tunde O.


Great learning course compulsory for anyone wanting to understand digital from a marketing and engagement perspective.

Vanessa G.

United States

Gamified learning has changed my life. I have never been more excited to complete a course and i DON'T THINK i have ever retained this much information after every lesson. 42courses is genius.

Shayan E.


Fantastic course. Great on learning and up to date with the latest digital practices.

Jyoti M.

United States

There are three main things I loved about the course: 1. that digital marketing is strategic and creative, 2. It's not rocket science and everything is figureoutable and 3. UX, UI and CX matter more than ever.

Stephanie M.

United States

Such a great overview of digital marketing - really enjoyed the all-encompassing topics and examples

Paul H.


Good for beginners and professionals who want to find inspiration

Tony C.


Loved this course. Lots of great case studies via Cannes Lions.

Blake B.

United States

If you enjoy marketing... just go get this course you can thank me later.

Cynthia V.


This is a very complete course with key topics, recommendations and cases. Worthful.

Angelica F.

United Arab Emirates

42courses never fails at making learning fun and engaging! This course covered the fundamentals of Digital Marketing and had great case studies and insights from industry professionals. Highly recommended!

Zaffer M.


must take this course if you are interested in digital marketing

Kristina K.

South Africa

The best course on Digital Marketing that covers all the major themes; from understanding audiences and data, to how to deploy social and digital campaigns successfully. The inspirational value of Cannes Lions case studies is immense. Edutainment at its best.

Indira R.


Tonnes of case studies were extremely helpful. Triggered a lot of ideas.

Soe S.


It is an immersive course with good cases and examples and also templates to help you navigate all the challenges of Digital Marketing.

Clive C.


Case studies are always TOP notch and a joy to watch. Materials are relevant and current as opposed to just being theoretical or academic

Harry T.

United Kingdom

Really insightful and interesting - highly recommend!

Siluvai A.


The Digital marketing course gives me confidence to run my own Digital Marketing outfit

Roupen M.


The course teaches you the immense opportunities in Digital Marketing and how to integrate it's different aspects to come up with a creative and effective campaign. It was a truly enjoyable course with amazing case studies.

Mathew C.


Good if you want a topline understanding of digital marketing.

Pragun D.


I loved every bit of it. Jolly good show.

Leo F.


Really like the exercises and content.

Rodrigo H.


It's a pretty good introduction to Digital Marketing. Teaches aspects that you wouldn't normally thing about when you think about digital

Asad A.


Good Course

Omokolapo O.


Full of insights, practicable, and fun. Good for everyone to enroll.

Coen O.


good primer, various conent

Heidi S.

United Kingdom

Great course to learn about all the the components of a Digital Marketing Plan. I took the course to learn more about how (a) I can improve my marketing for my online business and (b) how I can use digital marketing skills in my corporate communications day job - really helped with both.

Silvi S.


This course is comprehensive and even inspirational - and not in the sense of "stealing ideas" - but it provides enough knowledge to understand the building blocks of creativity, digital marketing, and experience for users;

Thiruveedhula S.


Become a professional digital marketing professional by enrolling for this course and add value to your professional life.

Remilekun D.


he Digital Marketing program is very detailed in that it touches every aspect of Digital Marketing. I loved the hands-on application of the projects.

Tim C.


This course has given me a comprehensive introduction to Digital Marketing that allows me to engage with the teams and understand Theis world from a Privacy perspective.

keith G.


This Course is very helpful to give anyone a crashcourse in Digital Marketing. As a marketing professional, I found it eztremely applicable to the work that I am doing everyday.

Nicola D.

United Kingdom

Useful and insightful course that covers a lot of ground. There are some insightful technical lessons that give the building blocks to a vast array of DM tools as well as creative and thought provoking examples and examinations - this enables a person to think about the possibilities and consider beyond the standard when utilising new skills. I did very much appreciate the swift replies and personal consultation when I was stuck

Patrick B.

United Kingdom

An extremely enjoyable course from which I benefited immensely. The course uses a wealth of case studies, examples and resources from the real world.

Richard M.

United Kingdom

A great course, good mix of specific techniques and overall strategy, and a mix of examples for inspiration, and some useful takeaway tools as well.

Marco F.


If you want to understand modern marketing - take this course!

Grit W.


Very good course! Great examples from the Cannes Lions Archive. And I really love the handouts that I got after finishing the course. Very helpful. Thank you.

Karem A.

Saudi Arabia

I really enjoyed having this course, especially the case studies. I highly recommend!! it is a mind opener.

Brian A.


This course is BRILLIANT!! Gives a lot of insight into Digital Marketing

Haris T.


I like very well, it was very interesting and at the same time challenging, I learn many more about this and other course here. I can recommend it to everyone that want to expand their horizonts.

antal b.


This course will offer you a great overview of all aspects of digital marketing. I would certainly recommend it, as it is not only very inspirational, it will also help you to apply it to your own business.

Helen D.


Excellent course

Matt M.


This course is fun, engaging and never boring. A pleasant experience from beginning to end.

Allison H.

United States

I really enjoyed this Digital Marketing course. It was filled with great case studies and interactive worksheets that made learning the material enjoyable.

Sherif A.


This is one of the best marketing courses you can ever take.

E E.

United Arab Emirates

Great intro course

Olanike L.


I thought I knew about digital marketing until I stumbled on this course. The knowledge you will be armed after the course cannot be described with words. Enroll please. You won't regret it.

Mary O.


I highly recommend this course for those in the marketing and advertising industry. You'll be mind-blown.

Aaron B.

United States

Digital Marketing is a great course with a creative and entertaining format.

Avellar M.


This course has everything you need to up your digital marketing game. It's fun, addictive, and very fresh.

Avellar M.


This course has everything you need to up your digital marketing game. It's fun, addictive, and very fresh.

Kevin B.

United States

Excellent explanation of both what it is and why it works, using Cannes Lions award-winning work as real world examples.

Jan M.

Czech Republic

When you are looking for practical and theoretical masterclass into digital marketing. You're on the right spot. Because you will get not only insightful view from the best in the field but also you can try to make your own marketing plan, personas, etc. So it will help you with better understanding.

Stephen B.

United Kingdom

It's a good course, and strong on Machine Learnin and also the significance of UX and UI.

Hugo C.


It's such an interesting and fun course by top marketers from all around the world. I strongly recommend it.

Irene B.

South Africa

I really loved the Digital Marketing course! I learnt just how important marketing is in any organisation and also how the various elements work together to ensure success. The learning is fun, interactive and exciting. A really amazing e-learning platform that quite unlike anything else out there. Thank you so much!

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