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Welcome to the Cannes Lions Sample Course.

We have selected 10 lessons our full Cannes Lions online courses to create a bespoke creativity course just for you.

Through this sample course, you can explore a taste of lessons on Storytelling, Digital Marketing, Creativity for Business, Marketing Strategy, and Behavioural Science.

We’ve hand picked some of the more simple lessons and questions so you can get a good understanding quickly, the full courses go into more depth and detail and select questions are marked by real tutors.

Each course uses Cannes Lions award-winning work from around the world, with real world career-boosting concepts and case studies taught by top creative leaders, including: Rory Sutherland, Trevor Robinson OBE, Amy Winger, Keith Reinhard, Debbi Vandeven and many more.

These are practical courses created for the creative industry, by the creative industry. The learning platform and courses themselves have been made from the ground up to help you advance your skills and your career in an interactive, enjoyable, modern way.

So come join other learners from Google, Apple, Unilever, Coca-Cola, WPP, Publicis and more.

Enjoy the learning.


How does it work?

Below are the 10 lessons we have picked to share with you, we’ve chosen the easier questions too, so you should be able to pass this with flying colours. In the full paid courses you’ll have harder questions as well as 24/7 support from tutors.

1. Diversity is Key: Businesses run by culturally diverse leadership teams are more likely to develop new products, and deal better in overseas markets. What does ‘diversity’ actually mean in business?

2. We Are All Born Creative: Creativity requires the playfulness and absence of self-judgement inherent in young children. How do we reconnect with those traits as adults?

3. What is Behavioural Science?: Applying a “psychological solution” can solve a problem at a far cheaper rate than an “engineering solution”. Better understanding people helps us in business?

4.Nine Enders: Why persuading people to make big life decisions could be as simple as targeting people whose age ends in nine.

5. The Power of Storytelling: In 2006, the New York Times Magazine journalist Rob Walker set out to quantify the power of storytelling. How do we create valuable stories in marketing?

6. An Introduction to Marketing with Data: Marketing without data is like driving with your eyes closed. But data alone isn’t useful - it’s how you collect it, how you segment it, and how you put it to work that matters.

7. Human Beings Seek Meaning: To prevent our brains from becoming overwhelmed, humans have become expert pattern-making machines. How do stories help us make sense of things?

8. An Introduction to Social Media Marketing: The most successful brands on social add value to cultural conversations, engage and entertain - as we can see from The Sydney Opera House’s #ComeOnIn and Wendys’ #NuggsforCarter.

9.What is the role of a strategist?: A strategist’s mission is to look at a mess of data, thoughts, research and opinions, and distil it into something simple that everyone can rally around. So, how does that work?

10. Develop your curiosity: Curiosity leads to creative ideas that make more effective marketing campaigns. What can people in the business of creativity do to keep their minds open?

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Magnus H.


So glad I signed up! The variety of techniques to test your understanding is great and the team behind the scenes even better.

Ian H.

United Kingdom

42courses helped me land a plum job as a copywriter! So I love you all for life!

Nicola R.

South Africa

Fantastically interesting, diverse and ultimately engaging, perfect for the curious.

Andra N.

United States

Impeccable learning experience. The material is carefully curated and extremely engaging.

Diana M.

South Africa

Glad I took the leap! Not only educational but also entertaining, which is still very rare these days.



Creativity is one of the key things that turns a good company into a great one.


Learn the psychology of why people do what they do and how you can influence behaviour.


A marketers guide to creating a brilliant marketing strategy.


A fundamental guide to the world of digital marketing.


If you want to be able to sell anything to anyone you need to understand Storytelling.

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Meet your

Thought leaders

Katherina Tudball

Katherina is a multi-award winning designer with over 15 years experience and was a Cannes Lions Jury member for 2019. Katherina is a creative director at Superunion in the UK.

Website: Superunion

Trevor Robinson, OBE

Trevor Robinson OBE is the founder of Quiet Storm, a new agency model of both creative agency and production company, which he founded in 1995. Trevor is responsible for some of the most talked about, innovative advertising of our era.

Website: Quiet Storm

Richard Shotton

Richard is the author of The Choice Factory, a best-seller now translated into six languages, and the founder of Astroten, a consultancy that uses insights from behavioural science to help brands solve their communication challenges.


Rory Sutherland

World leading proponent of Behavioural Economics, Rory Sutherland, kick-started the field when he lead his presidency agenda at the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising. Affectionately known as the Wiki Man and self proclaimed fat bloke at Ogilvy, Rory is an award winning ‘behavioural impressario’ and a natural at communicating new ideas.


Amy Winger

Amy is global Chief Strategy Officer at VMLY&R. She is a passionate advocate for effectiveness and firm believer in the importance of rallying the entire advertising ecosystem around the cause.


Keith Reinhard

Keith Reinhard is Chairman Emeritus of the DDB Worldwide Communications Group, Inc., one of the world’s largest and most awarded advertising agency networks. A member of the Advertising Hall of Fame, Keith has been referred to as the industry’s “soft-spoken visionary” by Advertising Age, which in 1999 named him one of the 100 most influential figures in the history of advertising.


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What people are saying

Magnus H.


Enjoyed the learning, totally different from what I was expecting but in a good way!

Maren B.

United Kingdom

I'm not in the marketing world but was intrigued. Glad I did! learned some fun things and about to take the Behavioural Science course now.

Kate H.

South Africa

Have already taken the other courses but if you haven't then this is a good short taster. Highly recommend the full length ones.

Joe B.

Hong Kong

Really interesting, about to take the strategy one now

Nick S.

South Africa

Fun course, enjoyed the way you get badges and points, interesting new way to learn, glad it wasn't boring.

Andy V.

United States

Great course

Cynthia W.


Totally different way of learning, really enjoyed it. Just bought the creativity for the business course :)

Angelica M.


I'ts a good way to learn or remember the basics of advertising.

Daniel V.


Quite easy to feel it the course

José J.


It's amazing how so little information like this introduction can teach you a lot, now imagine if you buy the whole courses? Bravo!

James T.


The course was more insightful than this comment.

Riddhi B.


I loved this course! So much to learn. Ample examples, lucid language and simple explainations.

Mahruf I.


It was nice experience overall

Michael G.


Great little taster of some of the brilliant courses available through Cannes Lions by some of the best minds that will have you hungry for more!

Petra B.


Good basics.

Maria S.


Gives excellent insights and case studies about creativity, marketing, storytelling, social media, and more. I would highly recommend it.

Rishabh A.


This was an amazing read specially the nine enders

Rohit R.


Very engaging and easy to understand

Therese A.


I loved it! Right length, good viodeos, perfect setup!



Great insight on the full scope of courses

Umeano G.


A brilliant and engaging course for any creative to take

Silvana T.


Even if you're starting your advertising career or you're a senior professional, this course will help you a lot with great lessons of the key fields you need to get more involved with to go further in this creativity path. The best of it? You will really enjoy it and have fun learning!

Yoky P.


Fantastic sample course. Now i know what’s the next course i can take. I am really interested in the strategy course by WARC

Aditi S.


A good briefer

Deborah V.


Very good intro course

Aaron B.

United States

Cannes Lions and 42 Courses have created my favorite platform to learn.

Dani B.


This course is entertained, fast and easy to understand way to learn, need to take the specialized courses to have a more accurate opinion, but hey! this one is free take it its worth the time

Valeria T.


This course is really helpful, is a big picture of creativity and marketing.

Tirthankar S.


I think it's a great course for creative professionals and those who have just started their creative voyage. This course helps to remove all the obscurity from brain and offers a new perspective to see the world.

Alfonso S.


This is a great way to learn (or relearn) the basics and pillar stones of what we as advertisers do every day.

Xiaohua L.


Very helpful to let you decide whether to sign up for the full courses!

Hubert C.


It felt too basic, then again its free

Insiya H.

United States

This course was a fun preview of Cannes Lions' full courses.

Adam T.

United States

As a sample and preview for what I can expect ahead it did a good job.

Ben M.

United Kingdom

Found this course to be on too many subjects and not as interesting as the paid courses

Emily W.


This sample course is like tasting each special dish. You really get to know what's the deal and make your decision whether you should take it or leave it.

Callum L.

United Kingdom

Great introduction. Hugely engaging and simple to learn

Jigi D.


Best use of time

Daniel M.


Very interesting course, I really want to do the complete version of each one...

Sudhir P.


It's a fantastic beginners course of creative professionals and marketeers on five different areas. It also gives you a great stepping stone into future specializations.



Amazing exercises with storytelling. Short and crisp content

Giovanni C.


Nice overview of other courses contents. Nice also the idea of showing how the courses work

vino d.

Saudi Arabia

Very unique case studies

David G.


this sample course was grate

Jannet P.

United States

This sample course is a great teaser. Would love to take the whole course one day.

Kristina K.

South Africa

It’s a really great interactive learning experience. Providing the right mix of expertise sessions in a fun and engaging way.

Sandra S.


Great sneak preview into several courses!

Natasha M.

Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic Of

This simple course gives you easy access in the marketer’s world. Very nice simplified content, very informative and useful!

Jaskiran K.


Overall a great course! It was concise, engaging, and a nice introduction to a variety of topics.

Reno D.


I like the user experience, I was hoping the course itself would be more robust. Perhaps sample courses are just that, a sample.

Alejandra F.


It provides you a good overview of how the specific courses are about. Also it's very intuitive and dynamic.

Adenuga A.



Katerina N.

Czech Republic

very interisting

Hinal S.


A very well curated sample courses. Includes videos, articles and questions too to ensure we have understood the topic. The ranking system is a good add on. Keeps you motivated.

Hameedah N.


It has a bit from here and there so it gives you a needed push to decide what bit you'd like to focus on afterwards.

Olga K.

Russian Federation

A great introduction to most popular creative subjects. I like the SM and storytelling pieces the most

Shashank B.


It was a pretty good course. Would definitely recommend this to others

Nerissa X.


Gives a good intro into the concepts, why they're important, and also a taste of how the course is structured. Some parts require more thinking and research, which I recommend in order to get the most out of it.

Ana O.


It helps you decide which one is the best fit for you.

Zaffer M.


It is kind of a sampling course, basically an aggreation of multiple courses, offered in a sampling approach.

Renzo B.

United States

Great teaser for all the content avail! enjoyed and learned from it.

Daria B.


Best intros and thoughts short

Siluvai A.


It's an interesting way to know about the each course. This will be really useful the beginners/new comers about the course.

Yash B.


It is a great introductory package to a greater insightful course covering every aspect of advertising and creativity.

Asja B.


This course is well-designed, easy to learn and simply enjoyable. Love it

Raoul G.

United Arab Emirates

This is a course that is both thoroughly fun and educational at the same time, giving you a taste of multiple topics in one course. A great way to promote the full courses, I will definitely be signing up for a few!

Sathish S.


very interesting and thought provoking



It's a satisfying preview of tones of projects, information waiting for you.



Practical knowledge. Very deep learning.

Carolynn S.

United States

A great overview course of Marketing, Advertising, Sales, Films, a large swath of the creative process. I enjoyed it.

Shubhangi B.



Tiarna D.


This course really broadened my understanding and will be beneficial towards my job and with clients.

Vyankatesh W.


The course is more of a teaser of other paid courses on the platform.

Oluwatosin A.


Well, I would have loved more insight into each chapter but, it is a sample course afterall.

Atyukti P.


Sample course is really easy if you are someone seasoned. Take the course and go through the interface, who knows you might just be interested in signing up for paid course because the interface is brilliant.

Sudhir P.


It's a brilliant guide for the young cubs, and a fantastic refresher for the older lions.

Elie C.


straight tot the point

Cesar O.


Its very good for refreshing some stuff, and let you wanting learn more abut it.

Paul A.


its very recomended

Vijay S.


It was brilliant, well laid out introductory sessions across multiple topics. Loved the case studies.

Elizabeth C.


Lot of fun

Gülben G.


It is a great starter of Cannes journey and great tool for lifelong learning.

Amanda C.


Of course, it is a short mix of courses, a demonstration, but it is amazing at it! Content is very well selected.

Craig M.

United Kingdom

Interesting, thought-provoking and at times inspiring.

Fernando G.


Short but intresting and useful for marketeers

Damla B.


You really enjoy the learning.

Paul P.


Some insightful anecdotes and great learnings from leading experts

Brian A.


Awesome information

Patricia O.


Each of the chapters and lessons guides you on the path of creativity one after another shows you more alternatives to remain the best creative you can be

Jyoti M.

United States

The material was very engaging and was chock full of resources

Caterina U.


Really inspiring course


United Kingdom

Great teaser for what 42 Courses are all about

Abhishek S.


It is a good introduction to subjects we never considered or were unaware. Especially for creatives who believe that its just there so-called talent that makes the difference. Most of the creatives need education and this is an introduction to the scope and area they should explore. This is a very good initiative. Very helpful. I have subscribed to all. Do market it well.



I wish it was a bit more indepth.. i understand you have to pay for those but a little bit more might just convince me it's worth it.

Julio B.


It's a interesting way of get to remember some cases

Nina P.

United States

A good introduction!

Michael G.


First experience with this type of courses and I must say that I am very satisfied. The development of the whole course was very interesting, maybe I will also buy more courses.

Cynthia V.


This is a clever way to see and test the great value of the entire courses.

Giorgi A.



Louise W.


Great introduction to the various courses available with useful takeaways from video and text teaching and real marketing examples

Aurelio G.


Great study cases the offer new possiblities and creativity thinking.

Alan O.


It's a great way to engage with the content. You learn easy, fast and just want to know more and more.

Pablo C.


Nice. Concrete. Short. Interesting. Fun.



Great Course. Amazing insights & case studies. Very inspiring!!

Giorgio N.


nice intro to their online courses

Agalia T.


Loved the previews and loved the wealth of information here :)

Sandra H.

United States

Short and sweet. It helped me learned while also discovering which classes I'd like to know more about. I love the examples, they were very inspiring.

Saritha I.


Crisp and Clear course to give a glimpse of the entire course this has to offer.

Jorge A.


Really compelling and with powerful leasons. Although it would never be as the main courses, it left lots of learnings.

Kaamayni V.


Wise utilization of my time! Top-notch case studies, insights, examples. I may even take another course to continue expanding my knowledge and learn new perspectives!

Yelyzaveta K.


I really enjoyed having this course. It is a great experience. I highly recommend!!

Lara C.


Gives important information collected from the other full courses.

Andrenne C.


Simple and interesting to give basic overview of the other paid courses.

peter m.


I loved the bit-sized structure of the course content, not too overwhelming. Short videos & case studies plus quizzes

David G.

United Kingdom

It was too short. you want it never-ending.

Alejandro L.


It's a great introduction to all the courses able in the platform

Ayodeji A.


If you cannot handle tasting the tip of the icing, just go ahead with the full courses because I cannot wait to commence full courses. Well curated and insighful

Dharmendra D.



sumedha k.


The course material is to the point and amazing....simply loved it!!

Denis P.

Russian Federation

Great intro course to get acquainted with all possibilities of the platform.

Olena P.


A lot of interesting cases to explore

Alefia A.

Sri Lanka

It was short, clear and covered a variety of topics. I especially enjoyed the data analysis section of the sample course. I recommend anyone interested in design fields to attempt the course.

Alexi C.


It's a good course to give you an idea of what specific lesson you should invest in.

Jiro H.


Fundamental lessons to be a strategic and creative idea person.

Tenny B.


Its cool

Ritu N.


This is really engaging and fun at the same time to learn about the subjects. Very well designed

Dmitriy L.


Inspiring, useful, interesting. This sample course is a confirmation that full courses need to be taken. That's what I'm going to do for sure.

Avisruti S.



Manuel A.


It's a really brief course, let you know the basics so you can start knowing some terms and basics about, the good thing is all linked with good sources and top creative work

Mohammed A.

United Arab Emirates

Excellent and Knowledgeable

Marta S.


Great way to introduce the rest of the courses!

Tamta A.


superb 10

Stephen B.

United Kingdom

This is a very pleasant way to learn a few facts; to experience what on-line education could be like if providers were more thoughtful; and to feel rewarded and satisfied.

Ashha M.

Sri Lanka

The course was interesting and organised. It was easy to navigate around it. I learned new things from here and it has made me interested in some topics.

Bazlaa K.


The sample course was very interesting. It gave me a good insight on how the courses will be like. The sample course has also sparked a great interest to possibly purchase a full course.

Robin S.


I thought there was a lot of great material in this course. It was well put together and the links to more information were equally interesting. I enjoyed how the test questions involved being able to see other answers when it came to the open ended ones.

Katia C.


Excellent insights

Francisco P.


Really really interesting

Gianna K.


Insightful courses, would definitely recommend!

Mateus B.


It was very straight to the point! Nice!

Stoja S.


Interesting and amusing

Grit W.


A good overview of different topics.

Richa S.


It's a good sampler

Abhinay B.


Nice overview

Irene B.

South Africa

A very engaging sample course that shows what 42courses Cannes Lions courses entail. Will definitely be signing up for these full courses. A really fun, interactive and fresh way to learn! Highly recommend 42courses!

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Cannes Lions Sample Course