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Understand the fast changing world of finance and technology

What is fintech? Is it really something I need to know about? And how does Blockchain technology work anyway?

It may seem intimidating, but fintech is simply where technology meets finance, and it’s affecting everyone from the biggest banks to the people living in some of the remotest parts of the planet.

Fintech is one of the fastest growing industries in the world today. In the UK alone it’s almost double the size of the world’s music industry!

In this course, put together by 42courses and Barclays’ fintech arm, Rise, you will hear from industry leaders from some of the best companies and organisations such as TransferWise, The Bitcoin Foundation, Monzo, and Barclays. You’ll master the essentials of this exciting new industry in plain English, no industry jargon knowledge required.

Learn about payments, cryptocurrencies, blockchain, insurtech, mobile banking and much more, empowering you to outsmart your competition.

Key Skills Learned

  • Learn the fundamentals of fintech
  • Understand how the blockchain works
  • Understand all the key cryptocurrencies
  • Identify new ways to invest and raise capital
  • Understand where the financial industry is heading

Who is this for?

  • Entrepreneurs
  • People that want to understand cryptocurrencies
  • Financial Services Professionals
  • Anyone that really wants to understand where banking is heading

How does it work?

  • You’ll learn through a mixture of helpful unique short videos, text and illustrations
  • Each lesson lasts approx 10-15mins, you can take as long or short as you like
  • Questions give you immediate feedback and are designed to test your understanding of key concepts
  • Select questions are marked by real people
  • Expert help/feedback is available to you 24/7 if you get stuck
  • We include carefully chosen and curated links for further reading throughout the course
  • Everything is in plain English and easy to understand






Magda B.

United Kingdom

I didn't know what to expect, but delighted I joined. Excellent stuff. It made my morning commute much more bearable.

Sarah B.

United Kingdom

The gamification format makes the courses addictive and so much easier.

Tom K.

United States

Engaging, informative, varied, and very well researched.

Charlotte B.

United Kingdom

Really easy to digest and the right balance of video and article content.

Diana M.

South Africa

Glad I took the leap! Not only educational but also entertaining, which is still very rare these days.



The world of fintech has grown enormously in a short space of time. Understand what fintech is and why it is important.


This chapter explains virtual currencies, blockchain technology, mining, and the most popular cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, ethereum and more.


Making payments has become easier and easier thanks to technology. Understand how mobile phones affect the financial world, what the prominent payment innovations are, and how money is transferred internationally.


This chapter explains how the world of lending and borrowing is being transformed by data, how individuals can take on the lending role of institutions, and how the definition of assets is being changed by crowds.


Technology is helping to bring significant changes to the way insurance works. Learn how these modern systems can benefit the conscientious individual and how technology can keep us safe.


Retail banking is changing. We look at how it’s becoming easier to open bank accounts, manage your money and ultimately save you the time. We'll also take a quick look at the way the trading of stocks and shares is evolving.


A look at the key emerging trends and future direction of the fintech industry.

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Thought leaders

Lubaina Manji

Having spent over 20 years in banking, Lubaina Manji recognised the need for digital integration in financial technology early on and and headed up the Barclays “Bank for Entrepreneurs” program in 2015 which evolved into Rise. Lubaina has an MBA from Cornell, was one of the five Barclays fellows chosen to attend the Forward Institute Responsible Leadership programme, is the mother of two teenagers and still handles her versatile career with flare.

Michael Harte

Michael Harte is the head of innovation at Barclays Bank and has helped to open the biggest fintech centre in Europe. He’s a New Zealander who hails from Australia where he was the Chief Information Officer at CommonWealth Bank of Australia and known as a “colourful character” - not easy to achieve as a banker!


Rise, created by Barclays, is the world’s leading physical and virtual global community for financial technology innovation. It provides fintech startups with space, partnerships and support from thought leaders around the globe.


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What people are saying

Magda B.

United Kingdom

Found this really helpful, is a great overview of the main fundamentals behind the world of fintech. Really liked that it was easy to understand and even humorous in places :) thanks Rise and 42courses team, can now actually understand what techy people in my bank talk about all the time.

Hemal T.

United Kingdom

Super introduction to fintech and great to see content regarding the emergence of blockchain. An interesting course with helpful resources.

Mike P.

United Kingdom

Found it very interesting, and although I’m not a finance person the trends are definitely wide reaching. Good to get a sense of where it’s going.

Nicole B.

South Africa

I thoroughly enjoyed the FinTech course, and doing it through 42Courses made it very fun. I liked the achievements I could unlock, and seeing my rank against other students was also interesting. I liked the animated videos very much, explaining complex concepts in a simple way, making it so easy to understand. This is essentially what I wanted to achieve with this course - understanding concepts that no one else managed to explain to me before.

Josephine B.

United Kingdom

Good overview of the industry, would be nice to know how long it would take.

Andra N.

United States

Although not exactly a light topic, the team at 42courses has, as always, beautifully deconstructed the crypto world to my poor, untrained brain. From learning personal finance tips and being able to understand what digital banks are all about, I have enjoyed stretching my brain across bitcoin mines and blockchains. Also, if you feel that you need more brainpower to make it through the course I highly recommend trying Brain Fitness first, to get all your neurons in top shape.

Raghu S.


Awesome learning experience! The course touches current/latest fintech and insurtech business cases from across the world .Nicely organised—well researched content with industry perspective. The course will definitely elicit ideas for you to become the next unicorn J

Jannet P.

United States

Well organized course with relevant links to further reading and understanding. The videos and content were helpful and easy to find.

James C.

United Kingdom

This is a great topline intro to the world of fintech. As an older person it's sometimes hard to keep up with the rapid change in technology that's going on all around us. Now that I'm drawing down my pension I'm interested to see, in particular, what this might mean for managing my finances moving forward. Some wonderful stories in there. Had no idea that one of the earliest currencies was cocoa beans used by the Aztecs!

Andy V.

United States

A great explanation of an exciting new industry, covers the essentials really well and plenty of helpful links to resources for further reading. Was really interesting to hear from startups in the space, lot's of different points of view giving it a global unbiased perspective.

Eloise D.


I wanted to understand what fintech is about, and why everyone keeps talking about mining and bitcoin. Now I know that and much more and end up explaining it to friends so thank you. Was quick and easy to understand and enjoyable to read.

Mike B.

United Kingdom

A fantastic, fun and comprehensive introduction to the fast growing world of fintech. Full of interesting stories and surprising facts. Would recommend it to anyone wanting to get up-to-speed on this topic. Blissfully free of too much jargon too!

Magnus H.


If you want a shortcut to easily understand the fundamentals of fintech in plain english, then this is the perfect course for you. Thank you for putting this together!

ikenna g.


I really enjoyed taking the Fintech course on I like the learning approach, it was very simplified. I am giving it a 5 rating. Thank you.

Luis F.

United Kingdom

Great course, 5/5

Graham K.


This course makes fintech as accessible as wifi in a hipster coffee shop. Concepts like blockchain, cryptocurrencies, mobile payments and others are explained simply but well enough that I could definitely win an argument on any of these topics. Great course.

Nick S.

South Africa

The course material flows so seamlessly it doesn’t feel like you're studying. It more like a guided exploration of a subject that keeps you hooked. The Fintech course insightful, engaging and I appreciated that it didn’t just focus on current fads, like Bitcoin, but went into depth over a broad range of Fintech topics.

Aiden C.

United Kingdom

A great helicopter view of the world of fintech, easy to understand and has already helped me decide on some of the areas we will be investigating more deeply.

Dion P.

United Kingdom

I thoroughly enjoyed the course and the fact I could do it on my own pace. I also read the comments and suggestions from other users which is quite good to share a perspective. I would give it 5 stars

Adekunle B.


The course was a good platform to get a profound insight into the FINTECH space 5/5

Lientjie M.

South Africa

Recently started working with a fintech client. This course was super helpful in getting me up to speed on the industry without making me feel like an idiot. The stories made it way more interesting than I expected!

Francis G.


What can I say that hasn't already been said? 42courses and Barclay's Fintech course is not only engaging but gives you the historical and cultural context along with examining the real-world applications. It leaves you wanting more! 42/42.

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