Cannes Lions is about celebrating the power of creativity to change the world.

Together with some of the worlds top thought leaders we have created a series of short courses that enable you to unlock your creative potential. 

Each course includes award winning case studies from the Cannes Lions archive and is full of practical advice to help you take your creative skills to the next level.

Behavioural Science for Brands

Learn how to apply behavioural science theory to make your brand more successful.

The course examines the key biases and explains how you can apply them using a simple framework.

Creativity for Business

Creativity isn’t just about art and entertainment, it’s about ideas that can empower yourself or your business to change the world.

This course will help you become more creative and do so in a way that will be impacrt your bottom line.


Storytelling is a superpower hiding in plain sight.

If you can tell a great story you can persuade people to do anything.

This course will reveal all the secrets and the practical skills required to make your stories stand out.

Digital Marketing

This course takes a detailed look at the online marketing landscape and shares both the theory and practice behind effective campaigns.

It covers everything from social to email marketing, display to UX/UI design, and from search to marketing with data.

Coming Soon

Marketing Strategy

This course takes a detailed look at the online marketing landscape and shares both the theory and practice behind effective campaigns.

Coming Soon

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An incredible course by one of the best behavioural scientist.

It's a great course. I love the different kinds of support (video, magazines, ted talks, etc) and the examples for everything. The information was clear and very interesting.

On my eighth course now and this is one of the best. As English is not my first language, I like that it’s easy to read and the stories are great. Had to really think about some of my answers this time so more challenging but that’s a good thing. 😀

Enjoyable course, with interesting links throughout to emphasize the points being made. Perhaps a bit more on the theory would have been beneficial.

The most efficient way to learn the most relevant and important techniques and trade secrets of story telling from the industries greats. All in bite sized sessions, from the comfort of your home/office/wherever you are. It’s online and it’s certified.

It's been the first time I cried and laughed so much attending a marketing course. You gave me insights to communicate in a better way as a marketer, but also as a wife, as a mum, as a human being. Thanx!

Very interesting overall, but I'd love a little more context and info about the model that was used. Besides that: nice examples. Personally, this course feels more like an introduction - I'd love more!

I heard about this from a colleague at Google, is a really handy straightforward guide to behavioural science, I had little prior knowledge of the fiend but found it easy to understand and full on interesting case studies, experiment, biases and frameworks.

A lot more fun than I expected. Some e-learning I’ve done in the past kind of sucked but this was different. Actually enjoyed doing it and picked up loads of helpful tips. Useful if you’re thinking about starting you’re own business I’d say...

great course. would love some kind of checklist for marketers to make it super frictionless to apply these principles. would only require slight re-jiggering of your tips booklet

The course content and format is well designed. Five stars for the quality and quantity.

Really interesting material, written in a way to make it easy to understand. Never felt overly complex, but not patronising either. Some of the chapters could maybe have been a bit longer, with a bit more depth.

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