Cannes Lions is about celebrating the power of creativity to change the world.

Together with some of the worlds top thought leaders we have created a series of short courses that enable you to unlock your creative potential. 

Each course includes award winning case studies from the Cannes Lions archive and is full of practical advice to help you take your creative skills to the next level.

Creative Leadership

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Marketing Strategy

This course shares the fundamentals of marketing strategy and takes you step by step through the process from the research phase all the way through to the evaluation phase.

It's full of award-winning case studies, handy templates, and advice from some of the world's best strategists.


Storytelling is a superpower hiding in plain sight.

If you can tell a great story you can persuade people to do anything.

This course will reveal all the secrets and the practical skills required to make your stories stand out.

Behavioural Science for Brands

Learn how to apply behavioural science theory to make your brand more successful.

The course examines the key biases and explains how you can apply them using a simple framework.


How to build a great brand with purpose

Digital Marketing

This course takes a detailed look at the online marketing landscape and shares both the theory and practice behind effective campaigns.

It covers everything from social to email marketing, display to UX/UI design, and from search to marketing with data.

Creative Thinking

A step-by-step guide to becoming more creative.

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Creative Effectiveness

Creativity isn’t just about art and entertainment, it’s about ideas that can empower yourself or your business to change the world.

This course will help you become more creative and do so in a way that will be impacrt your bottom line.

Cannes Lions Sample Course

A short taster of lessons from our fully certified Cannes Lions courses so you can try before you buy. Enjoy.

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Advertising 101

A mentorship from Cannes , this course will take you through the ins and outs of life in an advertising agency in razor-sharp, intimate detail.

With tons of insider info on what goes into producing just about every kind of ad, from from film, to print, to digital, including all the roles, processes and people involved.

Sharing all the knowledge and tools you need to step into any ad agency, marketing boardroom, production meeting, shoot or recording studio and feel like you can instantly fit in, do your job better and add more value. Making you easy to hire, and even easier to promote.

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This Digital marketing course is really fucking good. I genuinely thought I knew enough to get by as have taken many intro to DM courses. This is mega. By far the best digital marketing course I’ve ever taken.

Enjoyed the learning, totally different from what I was expecting but in a good way!

Marketing Strategy pulled the Chief Strategy Officers of the leading Agencies globally and developed a BRILLIANT curriculum for beginners and advanced strategist to learn from.

Great Marketing strategy 101 course - everything you need to know to start your carrier as a strategist. This was an amazing course. One of the best courses on your website. It is full of interesting case studies and it is also well structured.

It's been the first time I cried and laughed so much attending a marketing course. You gave me insights to communicate in a better way as a marketer, but also as a wife, as a mum, as a human being. Thanx!

I have been reading for several years in and around behavioural science. This course provided a plethora of further reading, and sites to add to my list. Very enjoyable and perfectly balanced between information and interaction with great tempo. You just want to go on and on.

The course was very inspiring and gave me new ideas. It was also a lot of fun.

Amazing, intuitive and overall simple to follow and digest. I loved this course.

I really enjoyed going through the whole course that I really wanted to compete it in one day! It was very inspiring having gone through many case studies.

This is such an excellent course. This motivates anyone to be a good story teller. The examples and the articles given are such a delight to learn about.

Really inspiring and useful data from top players on the market. Would def recommend everyone from middle to senior position.

Content is very engaging, with videos and marketing examples to complement.

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