Cannes Lions is about celebrating the power of creativity to change the world.

Together with some of the worlds top thought leaders we have created a series of short courses that enable you to unlock your creative potential. 

Each course includes award winning case studies from the Cannes Lions archive and is full of practical advice to help you take your creative skills to the next level.

Marketing Strategy

This course shares the fundamentals of marketing strategy and takes you step by step through the process from the research phase all the way through to the evaluation phase.

It's full of award-winning case studies, handy templates, and advice from some of the world's best strategists.


Storytelling is a superpower hiding in plain sight.

If you can tell a great story you can persuade people to do anything.

This course will reveal all the secrets and the practical skills required to make your stories stand out.

Creativity for Business

Creativity isn’t just about art and entertainment, it’s about ideas that can empower yourself or your business to change the world.

This course will help you become more creative and do so in a way that will be impacrt your bottom line.

Behavioural Science for Brands

Learn how to apply behavioural science theory to make your brand more successful.

The course examines the key biases and explains how you can apply them using a simple framework.

Digital Marketing

This course takes a detailed look at the online marketing landscape and shares both the theory and practice behind effective campaigns.

It covers everything from social to email marketing, display to UX/UI design, and from search to marketing with data.

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On the whole, the course is good, I spotted a few typos and ambiguities which I communicated to the team and now seem to be fixed. As a learning platform, you are closer to perfect than you think. My daughter's Nec GCSE courses are a nightmare in comparison.

An excellent course for new creatives, as a refresher for more experienced creatives, or to be honest, anybody who has to do ‘storyselling’ (see what I did there) in their business life - in other words, anyone. How did you hear about us? Already a subscriber to 42 Courses, and have had various work recognised (short-listed) at the Cannes Lions over the years. Was also a judge at the Cannes Cyber Lions and Young Lions some years ago. How can we make your experience even better? Yet again - content was top notch, some of the frameworks were great little reminders, great to see some of the great Cannes work used as part of the teachings. All in all, almost as good as it gets 🙂

It was a great experience hearing from the world's top creative people from one place!

Great, diverse and rich content provided in an easy to read and memorable way. I liked the switch between videos and text, the links to extra resources and reading and the wealth of examples provided that makes the course more concrete and helps project how to apply the learnings.

The examples where interesting but I needed it to be more practical with Technics not just the information.

A very interesting subject and I really liked the setup of the course. Short, interesting lectures, clear examples and questions that invited to some reflection. Well done!

Really enjoyed the presentation of behavioural science within the context of brands and advertising. The discussion section below each lesson is also quite insightful; pls expand this to include as many comments as possible.

Many great insights. Strong brand and marketing focus!

Excellent course to help think through the concept and practical steps to increase creativity.

I have been reading for several years in and around behavioural science. This course provided a plethora of further reading, and sites to add to my list. Very enjoyable and perfectly balanced between information and interaction with great tempo. You just want to go on and on.

This course is a revelation. A complete departure from how you’ll remember the tedious classroom based learning of your youth. Storytelling is engaging, entertaining, practical and effective in delivering learning. Featuring some excellent speakers, loads of great examples and a lovely touch of humour along the way. Delivered as bite sized chunks to allow for it to be incorporated in your busy day. I also love the gamification aspect, which inspired me to try and climb the leaderboard. Highly recommended

I loved the storytelling course. It helped me think about adverts as more than product recommendations but rather the different stories have to tell.

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