Hello and welcome to 42courses.

We found it really strange that enjoyment and creativity were mostly missing from education, especially for online learning.

There is so much we need to know in todays fast paced world, however most e-learning is like eating broccoli – you know it’s good for you, but it’s not that enjoyable.

So we’ve built a platform to bring learning and creativity together.

Each short course plays like a game, mixing videos, images, links and stories to create a compelling way to learn. Lessons are split into short chunks, so you can pick up your learning whenever and wherever it suits you!

As you progress you’ll earn points, climb leaderboards, and get inspiration and ideas from other learners from around the world. You’ll even get help and feedback from real tutors whenever you need it!

We partner with leaders from the creative and business world so you learn the real world practical skills, it’s like taking an internship, but faster and with no first day nervousness.

When you pass a course you’ll get a signed and dated certification from the relevant brand and thought leader that you can easily add to LinkedIn or print out and hang with pride.

We focus on key subjects people need to excel in today’s rapidly changing world, essentially we teach you the things you should have learned in school, but didn’t.

Enjoy the learning,

Chris & the 42courses team

P.S. If you’re curious about the number 42, it’s the answer to life, the universe and everything… a grand fit for a learning site!